Friday, December 9, 2011

Busy Bee Sampler

Woohoo! Another post! And only 2.5wk between them... Oh well...

I figured that rather than a long, text-filled post, I'd join the photo bandwagon for a change and show you guys some of the things that I've been filling my time with these last few months, weeks, etc. You know, as proof that I haven't just been sitting on my (expanding) butt on the couch the whole time.

**WARNING: there are several baby and pregnancy related pics below. I've tried to group them as best I can if you need to skip on past them. I totally understand.**

Our still un-completed deck that was started in September.
Eventually, one day, we'll finish staining it, put up the last few rail spindles and do the benches...

Sparse Christmas decorations. Just a little bit for that holiday feel,
without all the work of a full on tree and exterior lighting.

Lots and lots of painting involved. And even more moving things from one room to
another and back again! Eventually, that will become an actual, usable closet and room!

I've written so many as you can see. That whole stack is blank...

 Oh and when I am on my kiester on the couch (Boy calls it my "fort"), I'm doing 1 of 2 things:

1) Internet-y things. Primarily, email, blogs, and P.interest. Lots and lots of pinning! (There is far to much good food and amazing crafts on that site!!) Oh and hunting for some awesome craigs.list finds for the nursery, etc.

This has probably been my best find/deal ever!
$50 and in great condition- original caning and finish.

2) Experiencing things like this:

The closest I'm going to come to posting a "bump" pic on here.
Enjoy my "beauty mark", scar, and wonderful linea negra!
Yeah... it's like a college dorm room in there - very little space but lots of partying! We've reached the "Countdown" stage. Just 1 month to go (ish) and hopefully the last 1.5yr+ will all have been worth it!

And if anyone is wondering, my weight gain reached about 30lbs total now. I've never been one to really gain or lose weight in any real amount, but to have put on 30lbs in pretty much 4-5m blows me away! To think, I was doubting that I could gain it when the Docs 1st told me. I don't mind the amount, and I'm sure it has all gone to my boobs, butt, hips, and of course belly. For being 8m pregnant, I'm feeling pretty good 90% of the time. Here's hoping that keeps through the holidays!


  1. So glad to hear that you are still doing well and feeling good. You are getting so close!

  2. Can't wait to see the rest of the the colors and stripe and that u did it in the closet!