How did I get here?

August 2001 - Meet the man of my dreams via internet (before it was cool). 

November 2003
– We move into our 1st place together.

May 2004
– He pops the big question on my 21st birthday. Duh, I said yes

July 2005 – We are hitched! And then the frenzy of moving and starting Graduate school immediately followed!

March 2009 – Opt to have Mirena IUD instead of BCPs/Depo/etc to lessen hormonal side effects I experienced on each. Still not ready for a family.

Spring 2010- We start discussing trying for a baby. Started tracking my periods. I had great 27/28 day cycles! Awesome!

June 2010 - I discussed trying to conceive (TTC) with my Ob/Gyn at annual. IUD was removed and were told to wait 1 full cycle to let my body acclimate and resume “normal” cycles.

July, August, September 2010
– Charting my BBT and CM. Discovered I ovulated on cd19-21 and only had a 7d luteal phase.  Consult with OB and blood work. Thyroid normal at 3, but Prolactin was 29. Referred to a Reproductive Endocrinology specialist (RE).

September 2010
– RE diagnosis is Luteal Phase Defect (LPD), probably caused by poor/weak ovulation. Rx for Femara/Letrozole, more bloodwork and a SA for the boy.

October 2010
– Prolactin down to 19 (good), thyroid is still above 3 = sub-clinical hypothyroidism. Rx for 25mcg Synthroid/Levothyroxin. SA results come in - <5% motility, love volume, low count = natural conception highly unlikely. The boy starts new Male MultiVitamins. cd"21" testing shows O was on right ovary, progesterone only 8.9, medicated. Rx Progesterone suppositories.

October: Femara cd3-7, cd17 O, 7d LP = BFN
November: Femara cd3-7, cd18 O, 10d LP = BFN
December: Femara cd3-7, cd16 O, 12d LP = BFN

Late December 2010 – Follow up with RE and Rx renewal. Continue on with Femara and progesterone post-O. Thyroid still high at 3.35, dose upped to 50mcg. Repeat SA to check for improvements after changes (The boy has been taking Male MV and just started FertilAid Motility Boost). Without changes, RE feels our only option would be IVF w/ ICSI.

January 2011 - Femara cd4-8, cd16 O = surprise BFP! 1st Beta @ 14dpo = 26, progesterone =16.  2nd Beta @ 17dpo = 4.6. Miscarriage at 5wks. Told to wait 1 full cycle.

February 2011
– 2nd SA showed great, fantastic improvements in the Boy's boys. No Femara, cd22 O, 13d LP = BFN

March 2011 - Femara cd4-8, cd14 O, 10d LP = BFN. Freakin-A.

April 2011 - Cycle #11. cd2 baseline showed cyst on Right ovary. No Femara, cd19 O, BFP @ 9dpo. 1st Beta @ 11dpo = 42, P4 = 17. 2nd beta @ 14dpo = 221.8. P4 =17, start PIO injections.

May 2011 - 17th (29dpo). 1st u/s showed 1 gestational sac and yolk sac. Saw heartbeat. Measuring at 5w6d+/-2. EDD ~ 1/11/12.

June 2011 - 1st OB appt. Measuring 8w3d @ 8w2d. Saw heartbeat and could distinguish head from tail. Bloodwork showed slightly elevated AST and ALT liver enzymes. 2nd draw was normal.  7/30/11 - 12w NT scan showed baby with fingers and toes, non-stop wriggling, HB of 164 and measuring 12w4d @ 12w2d.

July 2011 -