Daily Delights

7/17/11 - Finally "outing" myself at work. I don't really like hiding things like that from people I know.

6/22/11 - Everything Bagel thin w/ chive & onion cream cheese for breakfast. Yum! (Just realized how many of these posts are about food or drinks (:  )

5/1/11 - Great friends and a fantastic, understanding husband. (Good things did happen in the last 4wks; I just forgot to update this page!)

4/6/11 - Another glass of wine and cuddling with my pups.

4/1/11 - A glass of Cabernet by a brand called "Cupcake" and a delicious crock of bacon, artichoke and feta cheese dip rounded out a great Girls' Night In for me and furry favorite females!

3/30/11 - Butter Pecan Ice cream. Need I say more?

3/25/11 - It's Friday!

3/23/11 - Free breakfast and some freebies this morning. I <3 Vendor shows!

3/19/11 - The Boy and I cleared out so many ugly shrubs and unwanted stumps today (with help from a friend). Yay for claiming dominion over our yard!

3/18/11 - I am so very thankful to have found the ALI community. While it is unfortunate that something such as this has so many members, ya'll are some of the best people I have come across. Ya'll give me hope and support. Thank you!

3/17/11 - Happy St. Patrick's Day! It is one of my favorite holidays as it celebrates all things Irish and green! (I secretly wish I was Irish *sigh*).

3/15/11 - Over ice - 1oz light/coconut rum, 1.5oz Triple sec, top off with White cran strawberry juice. Delish!

 3/13/11 - Today was absolutely gorgeous outside! I got some yard work done, spent time with my lovable pooches, and took and awesome nap on the couch with the sun shining in through the window and a light breeze blowing.

3/12/11 - Beautiful weather, spending time with my loving husband, and feeling like I've accomplished something.

3/11/11 - Good day at work and got to hold another friend's baby. I know that doesn't sound like something would make an infertile happy, but I can't get enough of babies these days!

3/10/11 - It's a great feeling knowing that people care enough about you to when things aren't ok. Connecting with a friend and having them understand and support you, irreplaceable.

3/9/11 -  The upside to menstruation is the guilty-free pleasure of alcoholic beverages. The upside to drinking only during this "week" is the easy buzz I get off 1 cider!

3/8/11 - It's not every day you can say you have "a pair" and mean it! Gotta love Science!

3/6/11 - I love that people make a big fuss over Cricket when we take her places. She's such a different type of dog than most people see, and she loves meeting people. Makes me feel like a proud pet "mommy".

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