Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Life is a treadmill

Right now, that's how things feel. I keep moving, but not really going anywhere. Same old, same old.

Nothing too exciting going on here. Just Emma growing and getting bigger.

The only other thing going on is I'm thinking of changing jobs. I love what I do currently and think my boss is great. What I don't like is the hours and several of my co-workers. Before Em, a 9-11hr day was no big deal. Now, that would mean an extra pumping session and possibly not seeing her awake that evening. I'm feeling a lot like Alex in terms of who gets the most quality and interactive time with my daughter. I really want a 9-5 type job now. I don't want to have to think about or do work things while home with her or on the weekends.

As for the co-workers, I'm just tired of people doing things incorrectly, teaching others how to do them wrong, and having to clean up after their ignorance and arrogance. I'm not the only one feeling this about these same 2-3 people. It's been raised to boss man and the other PI, but with the amount of work the lab has to do right now, we can't afford to lose the bodies. Also, the project I've been heading is wrapping up so I'm kinda doing odds and ends and random other projects. The funding for my position is up when that project officially ends, but my boss has some "back-up" money to keep me on for a good while longer until another project starts. I'm pretty torn what to do in this situation, though. Love my job and boss, but want what my current position can't provide.


But next week- I'll be posting the munchkin's 1/2 birthday pics. Crazy that it's been 6m since she was born, and even crazier that it's been 15m since we learned I was pregnant.

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