Saturday, July 27, 2013

10 Weeks


That's the length of this cycle. CD 72 today. I've had a tiny bit of spotting yesterday and today on the tp. And then there is the cramps and uncomfortable midsection. I sure hope that means this marathon of anovulation is ending.

I had my yearly exam on Monday. The NP was also disappointed that my body isn't cooperating. Once things do start going, she says that I can drop in anytime to have my progesterone levels checked after Ov.

Nursing and my weight are the likely suspects. Even though the amount of nursing and milk have decreased, she thinks the stimulation is still just enough to suppress my cycle. Also, even though I'm pretty much where I was pre-PG weight-wise, I should gain the 10lbs that I've been recommended to do for the last 5-7yrs. It hasn't worked well before and I don't hold out much hope this time. I know it sounds like a horrible plight. I know so many woman that wouldn't hesitate to say "I wish I had that problem." But those women aren't likely TTC and having issues ovulating...

Apparently, I'm not "progesterone-deficient" as I previously though but produce insufficient estrogen. This would explain why I had later ovulation than average, low or non-existent sex drive often. It doesn't explain why I had awesome EWCM for days before ovulation or great uterine lining. It's not like I actually expect my body to have conditions that are normal or typical at this point, but it would be nic eif it would at least be screw up in a consistent manner.

Blah. I'm hoping this blog has more cheerful posts soon. Between the cycle that never ends, work crap, home/husband/finance crap, and the weaning and hormonal changes, I'm seriously experiencing a major chase of the Blues. I need some good news and soon.


  1. Ugh blergh. And in the mean time I have had three visits from our old friend. Somehow we need to merge our cycles into the perfect cycle! I have now decided that I am never going to become that person that all of a sudden found it easy to get pregnant - who am I kidding of course I wanted to be that person but I should have known my ute was never ever going to cooperate. Instead today I officially gave up BF as AF arrived (kicking and screaming I might add)and went and bought the prescriptions (letezerole and prendinsolene (excuse spelling)) and after next month - it's officially on. TTC2. I am definitely not as head cased about it but I want to give natural a good realistic shot before IVF 4.3

  2. Uggg I hear you lady!! :( I am having similar blues around here. I am having weirdly short cycles for me (25 - 29 days) but without ovulation... so it is completely different from my old super long cycles, but still not doing a damn thing in helping me conceive. Hoping that weaning now will help for next cycle. We'll see. Sorry you are having a rough time. Hoping things get easier soon!!! Hugs!