Friday, November 8, 2013

4th Time's the Charm?

I was correct. That cycle was a bust as well. Good news is that I wound up with an 11d LP. That in and of itself is pretty friggin' exciting for me. Maybe since that's about where I was with the treatments before conceiving Em, things may work out next? I'd be fine with an August munchkin.

My FNP at the Ob/Gyn office approved my draw for prog. levels. Got the call back on Monday. It was 8. Not great, but almost normal for an un-medicated cycle and about what it was the 1st time I had it measured in 2010. I may or may not get it check this cycle.

I've refilled my last cycle of Letro.zole, bought 2 boxes of feminine products (they were on sale and in hopes that being over-prepared means I won't need them), and my progesterone refill was ready the day I started. I'm all set for a hopeful positive in about 25d. Strangely enough, I should be finding out if this last hurrah for the year before revisiting the RE was successful right around Thanksgiving. That would be something I would be enormously grateful and thankful to get.

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  1. So sorry that this last cycle was a bust :( But glad your LP was at least longer! Hoping for August babies!!!