Thursday, August 25, 2011

No News is Good News, Right?

I apologize for the radio silence. There hasn't been a huge amount to talk about since the anatomy scan. My days are pretty much the same in and same out. Kinda boring really. Also, I'm not quite sure why, but August and September always seem to be rather hectic months. Time just flies, and *poof*, it's October. I've been contemplating a finance post, but I'm not sure how entertaining a "Holy crap! We need to get our $$ ducks in a row super quick! Ack, we have debt!" post would be. I'm sure most 1st time parents feel the same. Heck, most people in general probably would have a similar post. For now, I'll just give ya'll an update on the newest thing going on here.

I had our 20w check up this morning. It was pretty much the same as the 16w. Pee sample. BP and weight. Talk with Dr/Nurse Practitioner. Today was slightly different as it was with the NP I normally see at the practice for all the routine and annual stuff. Last I saw her was almost exactly 1 year ago when she referred us to the RE. She was very happy and excited to see us for a prenatal appt rather than another annual.

Everything checked out as normal. Baby does not enjoy the doppler these days. It goes on, and the bugger wakes up, jostles around and hits the probe! It is a crazy feeling when baby makes direct contact with that piece of plastic. Heartbeat, when it could be heard, was right on target. I'm measuring on track with my uterus right at my belly button. I was told by 3 people at the office that I have such a "cute, adorable, tiny, baby belly!" I admit I'm not huge but to be honest I'm getting bigger. None of my bottoms fit unless they are elastic, and even some of them are uncomfortably tight. My belly is large enough if my wardrobe is the judge.

The only not great, on track thing going on is that I'm gaining weight slowly. I lost 5lbs in the 1st tri. I've gained those all back, plus 2 additional pounds. To stay on target for the 25-30 they would like for me to gain (as I was on the light end to begin with), I need to gain 23-27lbs more in less than 20w. Looks like I need to schedule in another snack break somewhere in my day. I'm not worried about gaining weight. I know I'm suppose to and I'm trying to, but (about 99% of the female population is going to hate me for this next bit) I've never really gained weight easily. No weight gain on the Depo shot. No freshman 15. No anti-depressant/anxiety med weight. Maybe protein shakes are in my future...

Other than that, we are just doing yard work. Digging up some shrubs and plants from the previous owners' (non-planned) landscaping. Tearing down the old busted-up deck. Rebuilding the back deck. Pouring cement in the utility room/garage to level things out. Install new water heater.


  1. Good to hear everything is going well. Can't believe you're at 20 weeks already! Enjoy that baby belly!

  2. So nice to hear things are moving along smoothly and wow 20 weeks already time is flying!

  3. ahh to not gain weight easily . . . a chubby girls dream!! lol! glad things are going well.

  4. No news is GREAT news! I wish for you a nice boring pregnancy... Congrats on 20 weeks - how exciting!

  5. I'll make you a deal: Let's trade metabolisms for the next 20 or so weeks. That would solve both of our problems. :-)