Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Random Run-down #3

Yikes! Has it really been practically 3 weeks since my last post? Somebody smack me around a bit and get my butt into gear here!

There hasn't been a whole lot to say about any one particular thing so I'll just do a quick rundown with some bullet points.

  • Life is still a bit frazzled here. Lil sis has moved out, but my dad is still staying with us ~3d a week. That will soon be changing, as my parents are under contract to buy a house less than 10min away from us, but likely won't close or move until after Thanksgiving and into December.
  • Holy moley, I'm 30w pregnant! Some how the 3rd trimester crept up on me... just over 2mo and hopefully, we'll be bringing home a baby. I've also started the every 2w appt at the Ob's office. I wonder if they'll be doing a growth scan and all these other things I hear other women talk about their practices doing?
  • It's freaking getting cold! It is too early for lows in the 30's and frost/freeze warnings here! I shouldn't have to turn the heat on in October! The cooler temps have been nicer for sleeping though.
  • Speaking of sleeping, I wish I could. I need to learn how to fall back to sleep anytime I wake up for a bit at night. Taking 20-30min to drift off again each time is getting old, fast.
  • The baby shower the SIL is planning/throwing for me with help from my mom and lil sis is less than 2w away. Not sure how I'm feeling about it... I'm kinda starting to have to resign myself to people fussing over me... The following weekend is the shower for the friend who had the surprise pregnancy due 2w after me. It will be her 4th shower for this child. Does that seem absurd to anyone else?
  • I've made it this far without any random stranger(s) touching me or the belly. It's only been in the last month or less that people in line places, etc seem to realize and comment on me being pregnant. Let's hope the hands-off continues for the next 70d or so.
  • We have still not done a thing for the nursery. Actually, I take that back. We picked out the 2 main color swatches, not just color group. Glid.den's Fresh Guacamole and Beh.r's Pastel Jade. That is the extent of our progress. Someday we'll clean the room out, actually paint it, and maybe even put some furniture in there.
  • The little tyke is a mover and a shaker. It's a bit surreal (and freaky) to watch my abdomen contort like it does. Thankfully, I have a polite fetus that doesn't wake me up at night with movement or kicks to the ribs (at least not yet). Now if only my hips would be as cooperative...
  • We are 95% complete with the deck. It is all built and railings are up. Just need the slats put on the step-side rail and to finish staining it all. At least it is usable and such now. Maybe I'll take a pic of it and post soon, if I can talk myself into to doing so without the project being totally complete...
  • We started childbirth classes 2 weeks ago at the hospital I'll hopefully be delivering at when the munchkin decides it's ready. It's an interesting collection of people in our class to say the least. I apparently have over-researched all this stuff, because I often feel like one of the few people there that seem to know what things are, what terms mean, and all. Oh, and there is 1 other couple out of the other dozen that are waiting to find out gender as well. Coincidentally, they are also C and C W. That just tickled me!
I can't think of much else to say just now. Life has just been moving on, day by day. I have discovered the wonder that is maternity leggings and husband shirts. Other than that, my animals have been stinkers and either peeing on the floor (evil male cat) or shredding whatever they can get their slobbery traps on (Mazzy, Cricket, I'm looking at you two here!).

I hope everyone else out in blog land is doing at least ok if not great. I'm still reading and rooting for you all! Take care and hold onto hope!


  1. So glad to hear things are going well and that I am not the only one who didn't have our nursery completed by 20 weeks into the pregnancy. We've managed to pick out bedding and start cleaning out the room, but that is it. We are 26 weeks along and I was wondering if I was totally behind.
    As for the friend having her 4th shower for this baby, yes, that is weird.

  2. hey stranger :) glad everything is going super well and you on the home track. Looking forward to hearing how your nursery turns out - piccies?!

  3. I'm so glad to hear that things are still going well. I was wondering why we hadn't heard from you in a while :) Sometimes I don't feel like I have enough to say now that I'm finally pregnant. I hate how some people act like you are crazy if your nursery isn't ready months before your baby is due. Although I assume most of those people are fertile, so they probably don't realize why we want to wait on these things.

  4. Glad you are doing well :) I can't believe you haven't done the nursery yet, and are calm about it!! I am way too much of a planner...

  5. Glad you're doing ok, good to see you online! :-)
    And I think it's time you get used to people fussing over you. It can be fun, you know? Just try it. It won't kill you.