Monday, April 23, 2012


Just a quick update to my last post.

I rescheduled my IUD re-placement appt with my fave and previous practitioner at the OB/GYN. She's the nurse-prac. that got us started on our IF/treatment journey 3m into TTC. It was quite the to-do with the appt making lady on the phone that day. She made a big stink about it needing to be with the "referring/prescribing" Dr. and the time slots had to coincide with u/s tech availability for the placement. I eventually got it such that I could see my NP at 30min after the initially scheduled appt, without the u/s I was told.

Other than running late to the appt without knowing it, things couldn't have gone better. I had been scheduled for the u/s, unbeknownst to me, for just before my time with the NP. Good thing I called to double check my appt confirmation! It was all so completely different than the previous appt. The office was slow and quiet (hence the available u/s slot). The IUD team was pretty much prepped and ready by they time I got in the room. The actual placement was as different as night and day from the previous attempt. She was able to get me situated and the IUD placed with almost ZERO discomfort. I don't know why the other Dr had such a hard time with it all. She did have 1 minor hiccup. She was unable to figure out how to lower the stool in that particular room so we had to play around with the lamp placement and she was hunched over my business, which she apologized for several times in case it was awkward, etc for me. (Yay, right... With as many people have been in that area with various pieces of equipment in the last 18 months, I didn't even understand what she was apologizing for, to be honest.)

Plus, the NP was so excited to see me back on her roster for the day and had me fill her all in on how my birth was, if it was a boy or girl, and how things were going. Have I mentioned how much I love this lady? She is honestly interested and cares about her patients. She always makes me feel at ease about things.

It does seem a bit silly when I think about it, but I'm not taking any chances. The likelihood of us conceiving on our own is pretty slim, more so without any form of treatment for either of us and practically impossible without certain interactions. But like I've said before, I'm an over-acheiver. I'm not comfortable leaving much up to chance! Besides, the IUD pretty much makes my period non-existent. After the disappointment of her consistent arrival all those months in a row, I'm happy to give "Aunt Flo" the boot for a good while longer!


  1. let's just say I know someone who tried for three years and was told it was never gonna happen get knocked up in the first month of trying. yep. now she is freaking!! so maybe the IUD isn't such a bad thing and I am over eating humble pie that those women are just urban myths ;)

  2. Glad to hear it's all done, without any issues! Plus I would love the non-existent AF... Enjoy!