Sunday, May 5, 2013

Step 1: Put Your Junk in the Sample Cup

Well, the 1st step has been taken. I had made an appt with our RE to go over plans for starting TTC for #2 (April 16th). Scheduled a SA for the hubs for the 25th. The RE was set and ok with repeating what we did last time. Fem.ara/Letro.zole for 5 days and progesterone after O. Except, Em still nurses so I can't do the Letro.zole. I'm not quite ready to wean her, and she isn't anywhere close to it either. I couldn't live with myself if I weaned her before either of us are at that point. The whole "Mommy Guilt" would just kill me. I just can't take from her in the attempt to make her a sibling. So progesterone only until that happens on its own.

Er, at least until that happens after we've actually started trying. There's still that whole IUD removal thing I have to schedule.

But the SA has been completed. But as it was scheduled for a Thursday, I was responsible for taking it in before work as it is just up the road from my building. And up the road from daycare... I was that woman. I brought a baby to a fertility clinic. I'm not proud of it. I tried to keep her from the main waiting room and quiet. I just wanted to drop off the specimen and duck out. Leaving her in the car was not an option, and we were cutting it too close to the appt time to drop her off at daycare 1st. Although, even if we weren't, I'm not entirely sure I would have dropped her off 1st and left the cup in the car. Just as I did the 2 times prior, I tucked that plastic container into a warm nook the whole drive and inside the clinic until they asked for it. It was chilly outside, and I do what ever is in my power to keep those little guys in as ideal condition as I can.

Thankfully, it mostly paid off. While not completely "within normal range", things are acceptable and promising. Just take a gander yourself.

Compared to the 1st go round, this is great news! Now, onto step 2- IUDon't and then the scariest step, step 3- Actually trying. Well, if my cycle actually returns to normal prior to weaning, that is.

Also, strange thing, we got his results on Em's implantation anniversary. It's not something we celebrate, but there are important IF dates that I'm aware of each year since they occurred. That happens to be one of them. It's easy to remember as it was 2 days before my positive test.

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