Monday, September 16, 2013

Another One Bites the Dust


Next cycle.

I was feeling kinda hopeful this time too. After an almost normal (for me) O date, I had a lot more creamy CM than normal after ovulation. Then, on 4dpo, a tiny bit of pink was mixed in, at just one trip to the restroom, and only when I wiped. My heart skipped a beat thinking maybe implantation bleeding.

Nothing else on 5dpo. A tiny bit of red spotting before bed on 6dpo. Of course, at this point, I've been poas-ing at least once a day. I mean, the last 2 times I had a bfp a day or 2 after implantation, so the same should happen this time if that was what was going on. Plus, it was pink/red and not the usual brown spotting I would get pre-period.

It wasn't. Just another kooky loop my body decided to throw at me. At least this cycle was 27d rather than 90d. My LP did almost double from last time.

My take away from this cycle is that I seem to be heading towards better. Even though this was a medicated cycle, it was almost identical to my "normal."

And last but not least, I get another shot at a June baby. That's one plus side to this.

Another downside is how uncomfortable and achy I'm feeling. Plus, no alcohol in the house at the moment, and I'm too tired and worn down feeling to go out and get it. I barely was able to work up the energy and motivation to pick up my Letro.zole script refill to start tomorrow.

It should be "interesting" in  a few weeks time over here, seeing how this cycle will play out.


  1. Boo that really sucks. I was kind of hopeful for you so it really sucks.

    To be honest I am not overly hopeful here. Whilst I have a longer TWW my chocolate purge on Sunday is a bit worrying (I only devour chocolate when the OB is imminent).

    Part of me is not to fussed because it was only my first real month and so far I have managed to avoid any TTC crazy. So far. I still have five days of stupidness and I normally break with one day left to go ;)

  2. I am really sorry to hear that this cycle was a bust :( But glad to hear that it was a 27d cycle!! My cycles have been somewhat 'normal' lately too (all thanks to Clomid I ams sure) and I keep telling myself that it has to count for something.. 27 - 31d cycles make me feel much more hopeful than my old 50 - 70d ones (or 90 in your case).

    We are actually unmedicated this cycle due to vacation and also last shot at a June baby for us (which would be nice!!). Hoping for one of those TTC#2, no meds needed, miracles!! :) And hoping this cycle is also the one for you!!!! Come on June babies!