Monday, September 9, 2013


Well, looks like the Letro.zole is working. Not quite as well as it did pre-Em, but I'll take cd20 over cd90 any day!

A few things of note this cycle (and somewhat from last, too) (Lots of TMI to follow):

1- Leading up to O, I feel the need to pee more often. I normally nave no issue going most of the work day with out a trip to the loo, but around O late, it's every 2hrs, easy.

2- My cervix is not the same as it was before. Other than the opening being diff, the location and texture is way different. High is not as high as it was, nor is soft as soft. It also seems like rather than being at the end of the tunnel (so to say), it's a skylight towards the back. When it's low, it is almost touching the bottom side of things.

3- Holy EWCM!! I get it 3-4 days in a row and by the bucket loads. It practically vanishes as soon as I get that +opt though.

4- Speaking of pee sticks, I've been getting my +opt 1st thing in the morning. Before, it was later afternoon or evenings. And those sticks go from zero test line, to hint the day/evening before, to positive. No gradual darkening.

5- Em has learned that it is ok to pee on paper/sticks. And it's funny to try and stick stuff in the toilet while mommy pees.

6- I feel more uncomfortable and moody pre-O than I do pre-AF. I seriously sport a bump leading up to ovulation these days. The girly bits are rather swollen  and sore feeling too.

7- I'm just as worried about things not working out as I am about being successful.

I'll be picking up the lovely progesterone suppositories likely Tuesday afternoon/evening. Boy, and I looking forward to those. Here's to getting that June bug baby...

In the meantime, more gratuitous Em pics for your viewing pleasure. I can't believe this girl is 20m old, now! I don't think I can keep calling her a baby for long.


  1. Okay, I've been wanted to ask others about this waaay different cervix business but so far I've only turned to Dr.Google. Mine is really low around O... like REALLY low. I just noticed this month as I believe this was the first time I Od, but it freaked me out.

    Really really hoping this is the cycle for you!!! I wouldn't mind that June baby myself too ;) Fingers crossed for both of us.

    And ahh! Em! She is such a little girl!

  2. Ok so we are in the TWW together then! I definitely OV on Saturday and holy smokes it was like a super ovulation it was painful. There was also plenty of EWCM leading up to it. Except, um Chippie and I had a major blue on the days leading up to it so not as much "happy time" as we were supposed to have ;) Anyway let's wait and see how we go!

  3. Oh and love the gratuitous pics :)