Friday, April 18, 2014

Busy, busy

Wow, I hadn't realized it's been 2 months since I last wrote. Life and work have been really busy, and I honestly haven't felt like there was much to share.

I had my 12w and 16w prenatal checks. Things look and sound good there. Saw the back-up Dr. at the hospital, took the STD urine test (all clear). Found out that I can take 15 Jelly.Belly jellybeans instead of the drink for my Glucola testing around 28w. We had just squeezed in to get the 1st tri NT screening in. Nuchal fold was in normal range, and baby was measuring perfect for date. Only negative was how uncooperative baby was; the tech nor I could get it to move much so no too many great shots that time.

During all this, work has been a crazy, busy, almost unbearable mess. I have ZERO patience for the "new" tech that started in October and still isn't up to speed or good to go on most things unsupervised. It's beyond frustrating as I can't finish everything else I need to do as I have to randomly help her finish stuff up that shouldn't have taken as long as they do because she doesn't fully listen. *Sigh*

Besides being very busy with work, a very rambunctious 2yr old who is growing by leaps and bounds (read: way way too fast!), I just haven't had much motivation to write. I haven't been feeling super connected or involved in this pregnancy. I started feeling some movements around 14/15w, but wasn't sure if it was baby or gas, even after having gone through it before. Where as I would use the doppler with Em's pregnancy every few days, I've only done it about 10x since that 1st attempt, and most of those were at Em's prompting to hear "boomp, boomp, baby heart." We decided to find out gender this time at the anatomy scan so we can either keep or sell off some of Em's old baby things, and possibly in hopes of becoming more connected to this baby. We both are really hoping for boy this time as this is likely going to be the last one, unless something miraculous happens in the future. While we'd be happy either way, as long at it's healthy, I'd like to be able to experience both. I am not having a huge feeling either way, but thinking since things are so different this time, it might be a boy.

We are 1 day into knowing, and I do feel a bit more in touch with the baby, hoping that continues as time goes on. I'll spill the beans here after we've told both sets of grandparents. For right now, we are keeping it a bit of a secret.


  1. Sorry things have been so busy with work :( That does not sound fun.

    I definitely don't feel as 'into' this pregnancy as my last one, for a mixture of reasons I suppose.. one of them being the toddler taking up so much attention! It is just different having done it already too I think. Certainly seems to make it fly by though!

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