Friday, February 22, 2013

In Sickness and in Teeth

So sorry for the radio silence!

Since my last post (my baby turned 1?!), it's just been crazy between work, home, being sick, and Em teething.

1st off was THE anniversary. The most awful anniversary ever. The whole week, I just felt this overwhelming dread and was intensely sensitive and emotional. I fluctuated between wanting to punch the Oops! Pregnant. co-worker in the face and bursting in to tears each time I saw her. I didn't realize until the 2nd why I felt that way. It occurred to me while I was telling Boy about wanting to switch up our Super Bowl plans as the last 2 years sucked (m/c and then last year find out SIL was pg). Ding! Light-bulb moment. Guess I'm still not over that...

Then Em got the crud going around daycare. Then I got the crud from her. I kicked the snot and congestion in a few days, but I still (2w later!) have the nagging cough and can't shake it. It sucks. I have had to cut almost completely out all forms of dairy and most wheat stuff due to phlegm and coughing until I about pass out. Not cool.  I even pulled a muscle at the bottom of my rib cage from a coughing fit. Boy caught the crud too, but after a few days of a stuffy, runny nose, good as new. Ugh, men.

And for the last month, Em's been working on teeth. Well, more accurately, the teeth are moving up, but nothing has broke through the gums. They are just these hard lumps and some swollen bits in her mouth. I'm thinking she's getting them all in a row at the starting line, then will open the gates and Bam! Tooth-splosion. I'm looking at the other 2 bottom incisors, possibly canines, and the 1yr molars. It sucks. She's gone from sleeping almost 6-8hrs straight in her crib, to waking up after 5hrs and then waking every 1-2hrs after coming to bed with us. Of course, it's pretty much just sick, run-down me that is being kept up from 3/4am each morning.

Work has sucked as well. I have the Oopsie! co-worker that not only is  shoving her huge belly in my face daily, she's also 1 step from being incompetent. She asks some of the dumbest questions and doesn't even take the time to try and figure or find things out for herself. "Sure, I'll stop this time critical protocol to help you figure out what to put on a label." Grrrr! I'm not sure if I've mentioned it here, but she is seriously naming her kid Jack Spar.row. Specifically, after the PotC character. Oh, and she plans to nickname him Captain.... Ugh. And it's been just really busy with deadlines and surprise samples and projects cropping up, not to mention the hand-holding I have to do in training a new grad student that is rotating through the lab. So I have to coordinate her work and teaching her, do my own lab work, ordering (that people forget to tell me we are running low on things until we are practically out), and taking care of dumb and trivial crap for other lab members.

I'm sick, tired, irritated, and run-down. I promise that I'll have a happier post soon. I have tons to fill ya'll in on regarding non-work life, Em's new skills and abilities, and the excitement and fear that is contemplating TTC#2.

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