Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Still Sick and Teething

I promise a real, and semi-cheerful post soon. One day, some day...

Em's on-again-off-again cold manifested as another ear infection. Joyfully, while we were out of town visiting family. Yay for urgent cares!

My month-and-a-half cold ended up presenting as a sinus infection and minor bronchitis. Yay for finally sucking it and going to see a doctor.

We are now both on antibiotics. I can finally breathe through my nose and not coughing all the time or hacking up phlegm. Em's well on the way to mending from her ear infection. Unfortunately, she's got 3 teeth on the verge of erupting, 2 of them are her 1yr molars. Poor thing just can't get a break. It's been a rough week for her.

I will be back when I have some "free" time in the evenings that doesn't involve nursing a teething toddler and have a bit more sleep under my belt (and less bags under my eyes).

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