Sunday, May 15, 2011

How's this for new crazies?

There is apparently no making an infertile woman happy!

I went to use the restroom a bit ago after feeling a little gush and thinking I've wet myself or started bleeding, etc. I get in there an realize that no, it's just another gob of creamy CM. And that's when the craziest thought struck me...

I miss the changes in my CM throughout my cycle. I miss the "dry" season. More than anything, I miss seeing the EW. The rush and excitement that clear, snotty mucus brought with it! Man... I never in a million years thought I'd long for the days of "CM roulette"!

Another piece of IF crazy hanging around - I still check my CP periodically. I don't know why exactly, but it's like instinct sometimes!

I think I'm approaching certifiable here!


  1. That doesn't make you crazy. If it does then there are a whole lot of crazies walking around....

  2. neh, it's normal. We're not even trying and I mine for vag gold anyway. It's like when I was shooting a film once and we spent 3 months scouting for a red brick building to shoot in. It took me three years to stop turning my head each time I saw red brick! :-)

  3. I think we should embrace the crazy. Are you on estrogen supplements, or just progesterone? Usually estradiol causes the CM clumpies in me, but with the progesterone "suppositories," it is impossible for me to tell what is going on down there. It was nice to know where I stood during cycles. I haven't started missing that yet, but I can see how you would.

    P.S. This is a super selfish comment, but I am so glad that we are in the same boat...with you a little bit ahead of me. When I am feeling something, or thinking about something related to my pregnancy and IF, I hop over here and onto Ants's page and check out whether I'm normal or insane. If I'm insane, it is a shared insanity...and that's comforting. So thank you.

  4. hilarious!! don't worry there are many of us still out there playing cm roulette. let the games go on!

  5. Sweetheart, I'm 14 weeks along, and I'm still fascinated by my CM. After so long of studying it, it's hard to break the habit... So excited for you!

  6. I used to check my CP too. Gave up on that a few months ago. I gave up on temping two years ago. Now I just rely upon the ultrasounds and OPKs. For now we are just not tyring at all due to the cysts. Habits are hard to break.