Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Random Run-down

I've been a bad, bad blogger and just about as poor a commenter. "I've been tired" just seems like a lame, cop-out excuse to me. So to catch everyone up on what's been going on my world (because on top of exhaustion, I actually did do some stuff!), I'm going to do a rambling, hopefully brief run-through of my life recently.

Both mothers have been hounding me about when they can tell every imaginable person about their soon-to-be newest grandchild. They still don't quite understand my hesitance but have respected my wishes to this point. I told them that I'll only hold them to secrecy until after the 12wk appt for the  nuchal scan and bloodwork. I don't plan on telling the rest of the world just yet, but I don't think it is fair to demand they contain their excitement until I feel ready. That may not be until there is a real, honest to goodness baby in my arms.

Towards the end of last week the nausea was subsiding, and in my jubilation, I treated myself to a McD's egg and cheese biscuit and hash browns on Friday. I've been wanted one for weeks, and it was delicious! Unfortunately, it ended in tragedy as I got to re-experience them a few hours later in the restroom stall at work, 20min before a meeting with my boss. So glad I told him prior. I could not mask my obvious "delicate state", at least not with my face drained of color and the random pauses in convo I had to make to settle myself. Half day of work for me thanks to my 1st puke of this pregnancy.

My little sister came into town Friday-Sunday and stayed with us. It was fun hanging with her and catching up on life. We carpooled to the Zoo on Sunday for our family trip on Father's day. It was tons of fun and the weather didn't get too miserable. The kids were too adorable to watch as they took in all the sights and animals. I took a few rounds on stroller duty and was told that I should get my practice in now. Hello! I've pushed strollers before, numerous times. Just because I'm pregnant now doesn't mean I forgot how to do so! All in all, a really good day spent with family and playing with toddlers.

I've been using my doppler nightly/every other night for a few minutes. Just long enough to find and enjoy the relaxing rhythm that reassures me that something is still kicking away in there!

I've officially tapered off the PIO. It was a nerve-wracking week and a half/2wks. My rear end couldn't be happier, but my toilet paper inspection has elevated to another level of insanity. Coincidentally, I have a 1/2 full vial and a 2nd full vial (given to me by PG-SIL) of PIO  along with countless syringes, needles and injection periphenalia that I have no clue what to do with at this point. As they've been opened and used, I know I can't donate them to the RE's clinic.

I also had a few infertile freak-out moments on Sunday while we were over at BIL/PG-SIL's house. As she is on maternity leave, not entirely enjoying her colicky daughter, she's been watching lots of TLC shows and the like (Freak-out#1 - Are you seriously complaining about your baby crying all the time and the only thing that soothes her is nursing? Just nurse her, even if you think she has "had enough to eat" for Kermit's sake!). This includes the Dug.gar's show on their umpteen children. The oldest son and his wife just found out they were expecting their 2nd on their daughter's 1st birthday (Freak-out#2 - Seriously!? PG again that soon?!). They told their family and friends at the birthday party a few days later (WTF!?!). THEN!! went on live television on the To.day show and announced it to the whole world. At 7w. SEVEN WEEKS!! I about lost my sh1t. I'm officially 11w today, and I haven't told anyone outside of my immediate family, 2 close couple friends, and my boss. That's it. I don't even know when I'll tell anyone else or if I'll even say anything. Maybe I can just wait until they ask why I look like I'm smuggling a beach ball around?

The other infertile moment I had Sunday was when B&SIL mentioned about what we have to look forward to in a few months. Me - "I hope so, assuming everything actually works out until then." No response from them. I'm not sure if they even realized that I'm not fully comfortable in my pregnancy, that I don't 100% believe that pregnancy = leaving the hospital with a baby. I'm not and I'm not sure when/if I'll be more confident that everything will work out perfectly.

Lastly, I registered for prenatal/birth education and yoga classes at the hospital. Yikes. The info the OB's office said to register for things in the 1st tri for your 3rd as classes fill up. The Type A planner in me had to stick to those guidelines. I don't want to miss my opportunity to take these classes and get the tour of the hospital and wards! It felt incredibly weird and terrifying, almost like I was tempting fate, when I hit that "submit" button.

So that wasn't really brief, but that's been Me for the last while. Now, I'm going to take my pre-bedtime nap.


  1. I know just what you mean about telling people - I'm 12 weeks now and have still only told family, 2 close friends, and my boss. But no one else. My MIL is probably telling people, but I'm pretending that she's not - she doesn't know how to listen to directions. My BIL's wife who is 8 weeks pregnant has already told everyone she knows. She actually said to me, that she wishes she could have waited to tell people - um, not sure what prevented her from waiting???

    I'm like you, I'm thinking once it's obvious I'm pregnant I can say, Surprise!

    Great tip about registering for classes, I looked into them yesterday but they don't schedule quite that far out at my hospital, I'll probably have to check back in a month or two.

  2. That sucks that your splurge on McD's didn't go so well! It will get better, I promise. And very smart in telling your boss so he knows what to expect. The comment you made to your B&SIL struck me - we've had so many people tell us that pregnancy sucks, taking care of an infant sucks, etc. And when we respond in ways like you did, it really shuts people up! I think it's best to be honest about what you're feeling - don't hide it! Hang in there, hopefully as you progress in your pregnancy you'll feel more and more comfortable. I'm finally getting to where I'm more at peace, but that didn't really happen until about 18-19 weeks, and I still have my moments.

  3. Wow Christina! You'll be in the second trimester before you know it!

  4. I totally get it. I would probably be just as terrified if I were in your position. But do me a favor, ok? Once you officially hit the second trimester try enjoying this. Just a tiny little bit. You know - no fruit comparisons or memes or any of that smug fertile crap. But shop for some baby clothes. Think about decorating the nursery. Marvel at the belly. You deserve it!