Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Reveal (#2)

Alright, I guess it is time to suck things up for a bit and fill everyone in on the news sharing weekend at my parents. I'm just a week late on it. Oh well. Here it is, from the beginning:

I was initially going to head up to my parent's house on Friday morning and just spend the day. This was before I was informed about the get-together the Boy was planning that same evening for my birthday. I had to reschedule with my mom, but she was happier about it because coming up on Sunday meant I was staying overnight and leaving Monday afternoon/early evening. And yes, it would just be me as the Boy had to work Sunday and Monday. It worked out better that I go alone because it meant he would be able to watch Cricket at home rather than us finding someone else to petsit.

Maz and I load up in my car and start the 1.5hr trek. I have my emergency kit of bags and paper towels and my little snack pack of nausea-abating foods. We survived the drive only down half a bottle of ginger ale, a couple packs of captain wafer crackers and 2 packs of sweettarts. Woohoo! Once all the dogs have settled down after the hellos and I've unloaded our things upstairs, Mom and I can finally spend some time catching up.

I bring in her "belated Mother's day" present and she hands me a birthday card. I practically had to beg her to open her gift for 20min before she did. She read the card, in which I had written "Keep your calendar open for January 2012. Love, Me, Boy, and baby." She was puzzled a bit until she saw "baby", looked at me and asked "Really?!". When I nodded, she tossed up the card and gave me a huge hug! Actually, several hugs. I had to prompt her to open the actual gift - 2 onesies with the u/s pic sandwiched between. One had a line of pointy teeth underneath "Little monster" (an inside joke/term of endearment for babies) and the other with a "Hi, my name is Trouble" badge on it. She loved them! When she went to show my dad, who had just woken up (works night shift), he kinda just nodded and gave a "that's nice dear" and "they're a bit small for you don't you think?" before shuffling away to have his coffee.

Two of my 3 sisters with kids in tow came over that evening for my belated birthday dinner, and my mom did the reveal the same as she did for my dad. My older sister was super stoked while my just younger sister seemed a bit unimpressed. My oldest nephew who is at the lovely age of 14 laughed saying I was going to get fat. My 2nd favorite reaction(s) came from my 3yo nephew and 2yo niece (younger sister's). They were told Aunt me was having a baby and just asked "where baby?" to which I replied "in my belly." Periodically that evening, they'd point to my stomach and shout "Baby!"

The majority of both days were spent playing with the little kids and all 3 dogs, talking with my sisters, and hanging with my parents. I'm not sure what it was, but both days the little kids were all about playing with me and even wanted me to sit with them at the kiddie table for dinner. There were a few "close calls" with the nausea, the worst being when my mom took me out to lunch on Sunday. I just couldn't finish my lunch after collecting myself in the ladies' room.

Overall, I think things were too busy to focus much on the nausea and fatigue when you have 3 large dogs, 3 kids under 4y, and about 8 adults buzzing all around you. Plus, there was food laying out almost all day on Monday for the Memorial day cookout we were having. Olives, sweet pickles, and broccoli smothered in onion dip hit the spot until the meal was served. I could really only stomach the potato salad, rolls, and pastrami/pepperoni in the pasta salad.

There was 1 really awkward part, though. After my dad had shaken his groggies, we were talking as he was finishing his 2nd cup of coffee. He muttered "Grandpa, huh..." a few times and then dropped his bombshell - "That means the 2 of ya'll had to have... Ewww!" While it was completely in jest, how do you respond to that!? I mean it is obvious that we had to have had some form of sexual contact for this to happen, but how do you admit that to your dad!? I don't remember what I answered with, but I know I stuttered and stumble over some response.

All in all, a nice, family-filled, busy 2 days. I could totally have used a day to recover from the entire birthday weekend before work on Tuesday, though. I sent the most recent u/s pics from Thursday to both parents, called the youngest sister (she's super excited!), tried to call my grandparents, and Boy called his other 2 brothers. Both moms are anxiously awaiting my permission for them to tell everyone and anyone about their newest grandchild on the way. I've given them them the green light to tell other family members (so I don't have to call the whole world), but I have forbidden any FB sharing. I know they are happy and excited, but I just can't stomach the thought of it being broadcast out on the internet for all to see. I'm scared to tell other friends and pretty much anyone other than immediate family at this point. Once it's out there, it can't be taken back. I am not strong enough to tell the world if anything unfortunate were to happen.


  1. I'm so glad to hear that telling your family went well and that they were so happy for you! We're going to let our parents start telling our extended family soon too, but I'm with you, I'm just not sure about telling friends yet. I know I'm going to have to soon, but I'm just not sure I'm ready.

  2. Sounds like a wonderful weekend and how great to get the news out! I'm still having a hard time telling people... soon it's going to be kind of hard not to...

  3. sounds like some great memories- glad you are writing them down to see years from now!!

    what a typical teenager's response, lol, love it!

  4. What a wonderful reveal! And that cracks me up about your dad's response, and just realizing his daughter had sexual contact. Hilarious!