Sunday, July 3, 2011

Celebrating Freedom

I know not everyone reading this is an American, but I wanted to wish all that are a happy, safe, and fun Fourth of July! I hope everyone remembers that it is more than just a day for cookouts and fireworks (but enjoy those as well if you are having them!).

While we aren't doing anything big for the 4th in our household as Boy works all day tomorrow, we've had a busy Saturday before the 4th! Went to a pool party at SIL's parents' followed by a cookout at my IF mentoree E's place (she'll find out by Tues if her 1st clomid cycle worked or not- FX'd for her!). Good food, family and friends. I was exhausted! We may be watching some early fireworks with a work friend of mine later this evening as well. A jam-packed weekend.

Over the course of this long weekend, in light of another great check up and the fact that I'll be in the 2nd Tri on the 5th, I've considered making my "condition" known to other people in my day-to-day life. I'm not sure how or exactly when I'll actually start, but it is kind of freeing to make the decision to do so, nonetheless. While not completely declaring my independence from IF, I've at least decided to stop living under its shadow for the time being. It's time to move forward, while not forgetting what all it took to get here.

I've been a bit selfish with this pregnancy. I've enjoyed keeping it mostly to just Hubs and I. Our fetal monitor listening sessions. My growing and changing body. After a bit of processing things ourselves, we share it with the parents. Anyone else has to pretty much drag the info out of me. The few people outside of close friends and family have either found out by asking me point blank if I was pregnant or by someone else's slip (primarily BIL).

The shift to volunteering the information is odd feeling. The more people that know, the more real things are going to feel. It's less likely to be a dream if 20, 30 or more people are aware of  and talking about it. Plus, if anything does happen to go wrong from here on out, I'm going to need a ton of support and understanding. People can't offer that if they don't know in the 1st place. It also means more people to celebrate the good news and milestones.

I'll keep ya'll posted on when and how things go with freeing the pregnancy news. I don't plan on making it FB official for quite a while if at all. Most things are still going to be pretty private (no belly photos plastering the internet- I've only taken 1 so far). I feel like I've started attending a Pregnancy Anonymous group or something. "My name is Christina and I'm 13w pregnant."

Let's all celebrate whatever freedoms we are happy for these next couple of days and know that none of them came easy, without great deliberations and sacrifices, and should be appreciated!


  1. I'm not American, but happy fourth of July!

  2. Happy 4th hon! I'm really glad you're "coming out" and starting to embrace this. Oh- and congrats on hitting the second trimester! :-)

  3. I love this post! I'm so proud of you for coming out!!!

  4. Sounds like an awesome weekend. Congrats on the 2nd tri. I can't believe you're there already! I think it will feel great to finally let people know. Enjoy!

  5. Enjoy telling people! I'm still terrible at it too though. I've told very people outloud and in person. I'm telling a women's group I'm in through my church tonight though. They knew about our struggles so I know they will be really happy. I almost feel bad for waiting so long to tell them, but I have only seen them once since I found out and it was the day of our first appointment, so I think it was smart to wait, just in case. Can't wait to hear how your sharing goes!