Thursday, July 28, 2011

The quickest appt EVER!

So I had 2 appts today. First thing in the morning was my 16w check-up. Afternoon was with the therapist. The real meat is in the afternoon's appt, but the funniest stuff was from the morning!

Wake up. Get ready. Head to OB's with Hubs in tow. On the way there, I realized I had forgotten deodorant. Go me! I have a travel stick in a drawer at work, but that was going to be about an hour later I could access it. Thank you crazed health paranoia that has been going on these last few years. Hand sanitizer is a quick fix for no deodorant. If it kills the germs on your hands, it should kill the germs/bacteria in your pits that cause you to get musty. Plus, they are usually lightly scented, so that also helps! I slather mine while I go and do my routine, pre-appt pee-in-a-cup. (Rather than using this urine to dip a ov test or hpt, they use it to check for protein and stuff).

I was suppose to have the usual urine, weight, BP work up, a visit with one of the Drs, and blood work to check on my thyroid levels. Urine was clear. I've gained 3.5lbs since last visit. BP was 100/59.

"Are you having a glucola test?" Uh, not that I'm aware of? "Sit here to wait for teh lab tech to draw your blood."

"Actually, the Dr wants to see you 1st. You know, in case he wants to add any more tests to the draw. Don't want to stick you more than we have to!" Whatever. "Have you had a glucola test yet?"

The remaining 10 min of my appt were as follows: Greet Dr. He's about to retire so not really sure why they felt I needed to see him before he left, but whatevs. Then begins the Q&A.

"How are we doing?" - Good, slight ease in the nausea. "Good."

"Any questions?" Not really at this point. "Any concerns?" Not really. (What I really wanted to say was, Not really, other than going through this all and not going home with a baby. I just didn't think that is what he was referring to though!).

"No bleeding, cramping, etc?" Nothing other than the expected pulls and stretches as things grow.

Now was the time for me to lay back so he could feel for my uterus and check the heartbeat with the doppler. My uterus was right where it was suppose to be for my gestation. It's weird how it can be so easily felt. While he was using the doppler, he pointed out what noises were the heartbeat (duh), my heartbeat (duh) and what was "kid movement". That one impressed me. I thought those noises were my digestive system moving along! Looks like it was the kiddo bouncing around in there. I do have to say that my Sono.line B is actually quite a bit fancier than the one used there!

"So do you know how to tell the difference between the sexes?" Uh... huh... wha? "Boys have a little extra bit between their legs." Doh!! I was trying to figure out if he meant if I knew how to tell the differences from externally or via heartbeat, etc. Um, actually, I'm fairly familiar with how things look different between them on ultrasounds. I figured there wasn't any other way to tell until they were born. "That's right." and went on to tell me about how his kids did science fair projects about heartbeat, maternal feelings, days of the week vs gender and how none were different than random, 50/50 chance.

"We'll check your levels next appt. That will be in 4wks. We'll get the nurses on scheduling your Level 2 scan in about 2wks. You can find out the gender then if you'd like." And the glucola test all the nurses have been asking me about? "That we don't do until closer to 28w, so I don't know why they were even asking you about it this early."

We schedule the 20w check-up and check out. In and out in 20min! It is a bit crazy though to think that I have 2wks to convince the Boy that we shouldn't find out the gender. I really want it to be a surprise! Apparently, I have to figure out what that is on my own as he won't give me any hints, clues or suggestions about what it would take to change his mind.

I'll go into the shrink appt in another post (next probably) as I really want to cover it well. Teasers: We filled her in on my pregnancy, responses, our feelings, etc. We didn't quite make it to cover all the "issues" I wanted, but we are to do so next appt with her.

Other than that, the last few days have been hectic and a bit frenzied. I missed my prenatal yoga class last week due to the barfs. I also missed the announcement that this weeks was the week the instructor had to reschedule. I felt like a doofus sitting in the room waiting for people to show up after changing into stretch pants, only to walk back out the front door with all my yoga crap 15min later. Plus side was that I actually got to spend some time with the Boy when I though I wasn't going to (not so plus side was that it was at B & SIL's place). SIL put my due date in her iphone so she can keep up with where I'm at in my pregnancy. I don't care, but I think it's a bit of an odd thing to do. I'm ready for a few days of nothing now. Well, other than reading and commenting on other blogs!


  1. Its interesting to hear about who wants to find out and who doesn't. C doesn't, I want to. If we are lucky enough to have one I want to plan bc I can't count on being able to have another (given our current track records). C still wants to wait and do everything after the baby comes...ummm I don't think so!

  2. My last appointment was really quick too - I heard those are the best kinds :) My next appointment is next week, I hope is goes just as smoothly. My OB does the big anatomy scan around 20 weeks, maybe ours will happen close to the same time!

  3. I can't believe you have the restraint to not want to know the gender! I would go nuts! Props to you :-)

  4. glad to hear all is well!!! I could never hold out on knowing the gender- good for you!

  5. I love boring OB appointments - keep them coming!