Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Milestones and Anniversaries

Wow, how time flies!

I'm just a few posts shy of 100 posts here.

Saturday is our 6th wedding anniversary.

Last week, I was thinking "how awesome would it be to have my 100th post done on our anniversary!"  I don't think that is going to happen. I could try and squeak out a post each day from now until then, but I'm pretty sure they'd read as just filler posts.

So I've just decided that they'll have to be 2 separate posts. 6th anniversary first -probably Friday or Sunday. I think Saturday itself will be a bit busy. Hubs is in charge of making the plans this year. Apparently, my gifts are arriving any day now, and his clues have not clued me in on what they are in the slightest!

For the 100th, maybe I'll just hold that one until after next week's appointments. I have my 16w (holy crap! really?!) checkup in the morning and then finally got around to scheduling an appointment with the therapist. Haven't gone since probably March. It should be interesting to see how things go there. We'll be filling her in on the pregnancy and discussing a few *ahem* "issues" that I've been having these last 2-3mo. I'll probably wait until that post to delve into them to see what she has to say on the matter and suggestions she may have.

As for life in general, it's been pretty normal. Work has only been a little odd since informing. Just mostly questions about how I am, belly stuff and the usual innocent, general public type inquisitiveness. I has made some things a lot easier though.

Like today.

We had an appt for the Boy to see his cardiologist. We get up early, drive there, and wait. Go in for one thing. Wait. Go in for the other. It takes forever. Wait. Oops, a few more images are needed. Wait to see the Dr/fellow. She was excited to learn we are expecting. Funny thing is it came about because he disclosed that he started taking a multi-vitamin, and then mentioned the motility supplements, how long he took those and why he's not taking them. "Haven't taken them in the past month or so. We had some success." Men... (and yes, I had him keep taking them until I was about 10-11w along. At that point, I figured if things didn't work out, we'd have to wait 2-3mo anyways to try again. The supplements would kick in by then)

She made sure that I was aware that we both needed to limit our activity in this oppressive, stifling heat and humidity. I need to stay hydrated to prevent placental something-or-other. She did seem glad to hear that I knew all that (other than the placental thing) and that we'd be having a fetal echo-cardiogram done just to double check that the baby's heart developed normally.

So a long, long morning. Much longer than I had planned and told work. On top of all the waiting, I was exhausted from not sleeping well the night before and waking up fairly early. Oh, and I had an crazy strong bout of nausea. I've been so lucky that no one has been in any of the public bathrooms when I've had to throw up. Sitting around feeling super queasy is not good. All I wanted to do was lay down and sleep.

Which is exactly what I did after informing work that it would be in everyone's best interest if I just stayed home today with my "quite unwell" self. After 2, 2hr naps with lunch in between, I'm feeling a bit more normal. I was disappointed to find out that I missed a Mendel commemorative cake one of the students brought in for the lab. I was also sad to have missed my 3rd prenatal yoga class. I quite like it, but I didn't think bending and stretching forward with my stomach would have been a good idea this evening.

Wow. That was quite a rambling post. That's the exact reason why I'm not going to try and rush to have my big 1-0-0 and anniversary mash-up post. maybe after a good night's sleep, I'll have my head more together and can write something decent!


  1. Dude! You are so critical of yourself. Stop that right now! :-)
    I hope you have an amazing anniversary!

  2. Glad you stayed home and rested a bit - you deserve this time to take care of yourself!