Thursday, March 3, 2011

Emotional Volcano?

Not sure what it is, but I've been pretty freakin' emotional the past few days.

Just add Infertility and hormonally driven emotions! Fun for Days!
Last night, 2 different family members on the in-law side made certain comments that pretty much implied that we weren't as important because we don't have kids. I teared up at the 1st comment and about had a conniption fit after the second. I really wanted to reply back to her message with some snarky remark! I didn't because I chickened out and didn't think it was necessary to even respond.

Today was just a crazy long, tiring day. Had a blood draw as part of my physical with my general care practitioner. I was able to get them to throw in testing my thyroid again so I can see if the meds are working at this higher dose. I was just frazzled at work as I rushed from one thing to the next and made phone call after phone call. I was finally able to eat my lunch at 2:30/3pm. We had a plumbing issue at the house that I had the people coming out to fix today. There was apparently a miss-communication about the time scheduling because I thought they were going to show up between 1-3, but they had me down at 3-6. Then they were trying to say the problem was our fault but we didn't leave the hose connected so I don't know how it happened even though that is their only explanation for it. I got way too heated over that than I normally would be.

Tonight, I saw someone post the crib they bought for their nursery on a forum and spent the next 30min looking at nursery furniture and getting upset. It even crossed my mind that if this cycle doesn't work out, maybe we should take a break from all this baby stuff. We have some debt and finances stuff we could stand to get fully sorted. Lots of work we want to do on the house. I'm still trying to figure out traveling with 2 large! dogs and a car seat in a regular sedan. The number of times that the thought "Maybe there is a reason we aren't getting/staying pregnant right now and should take it as a sign to focus on other things instead" crossed my mind today is more than I'd like to count.

10dpo. Maybe it is a symptom? Maybe not? I don't want to read into it because it could just be that I'm getting crazy whacked out emotions in prep for the start of the next cycle. I just don't know and I don't want to test! Help?

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