Monday, March 7, 2011

Whirlwind Weekend of Ups and Downs

What a crazy past few days here! Thanks so much for the blog design help given last post! As you can see, I sorta figured it out and implemented. Yay me!

This weekend was super busy and activity filed, at least it was when compared to our usual weekend of hanging around the house and maybe hitting up Tar-jay or the Home Depot. I'm going to portion it into baby-related and non-related sections.

Friday - Baby: Co-worker returns from maternity leave. Spends all day talking about baby/mommy stuff and looking at pics of her kid and calling the grandparents to see how he is doing.
Not-Baby: Went to see our friend's band play and eat dinner while there. The Boy got free t-shirts that he designed for 2 of the bands. My food was not as good as usual there, and I had a cup of honey mustard fall into my lap.
Baby: His wife just entered her 2nd trimester and he sorta talked about the u/s and stuff.

Saturday - Baby: SIL had her 4d u/s, that we did not attend. We did however visit them to see the Boy's folks. Unfortunately, it was all baby talk from BIL and SIL. She even handed me the print outs to look through since we were "unable to make it". I flipped through them, not once looking down at them.
Not-Baby: It was great to see the in-laws as we haven't seen them since New Year's.  Also, took an amazing nap with Boy when we got home.
Baby: Went to a friend/co-worker's house warming party. Lots of babies and baby talk. Boo. Got to hold their little girl a lot. Yay! She even fell asleep in my arms twice! I almost cried at how sweet she looked and how great it felt to hold a baby! Unfortunately, I did cry when the 2 fertile-myrtle co-workers (maternity leaver and house owner) started talking about now having to prevent so they don't get pregnant again and how badly it seems their bodies like having babies. Big Boo. Also, had several near breakdowns while on baby duty about how I'm a "natural" and how I need to talk the hubs into "having one of them." Sigh. If all it took was talking him into it, I'd so be knocked-the-F-up right now!

Sunday - Not-baby: Got Cricket microchipped! Everyone always fawns over her because she is such a different looking dog and is so people-friendly. She did great and didn't even flinch or anything at the injection.
Unfortunately-Not-Baby: Started spotting/light flow that night after my shower.

Monday - Not-baby: Had my consult with my Primary care office. My blood work all looks good except for 2 things. My vitamin D was a bit low, even taking my calcium/D supplements, and my eosinophils were high (thanks allergies!). The best news was that my TSH was at 1.526! Much better than >3 it has been at the last several times. Looks like this 50mcg of the Synthroid is working! Sadly, bleeding in full force this morning. Onto cycle 10.
Baby: The nurse practitioner that I saw today was at least 5-6mo pregnant and I had to explain why I was taking the Synthroid and Letrozole. Nothing like explaining to a preg that your stuff is all busted and won't do what it should be doing without strong-arming it with meds. She looked lost the whole time.


  1. loving the new look! How'd you get the new header? Glad the labs looked good...heres to hoping :)

  2. I enjoy the division of your day into "baby" and "non-baby". Sorry AF came.

  3. Oh this sounds like a tough weekend. I'm so sorry about all this stuff - so very hard especially hearing the fertiles complain about getting pregnant easily. Ugh!!!