Tuesday, March 22, 2011


So I think I may have ovulated? (And yes, I meant it as a question)

Each and every month that I've taken the Femara, I've ovulated on cd16. That's 5 consistent cycles of cd16 O. I would get a day or 2 of fertile CM around cd10, and then start the watery/EW around cd14, and it would continue until the day after O. I got O pains each and every time. My sex drive perks up, blah blah blah.

As expected, had some watery CM on cd11/12 at the end of last week. Then, my body throws me a curve ball and goes straight to EW. Still ok as it should continue on for the next several days and after O on cd16... Orrr just through the weekend, and my temp jumps up yesterday and today. Makes me super glad that I am a good and dutiful wife and gave the Hubs some lovin' even though I wasn't in BDing gear just yet! If we had waited for my usual O friskiness, we'd be sitting this 2ww out and waiting for April.

I have never (that I've had record of) ovulated before cd16. Not in the 9m of TTC, not in the 4m before that I was tracking my period and "ovulatory fluid". Never. Yet, here I sit, most likely 2dpo, but possibly 3, on CD16. Yup! I ovulated on the textbook cd14 it would seem. (I hope this results in a textbook pregnancy!) Now for the fun part- the 2ww and progesterone suppositories! High five? Anyone?

In other news, the PG-SIL emailed me back. Apparently, she's been having an hectic week due to some family issues and that delayed her response. She was sorry to know we had gone through "similar" experiences as they did and that I hadn't felt comfortable in using her as a support resource. Oh, and do I want her to RSVP for me for her shower, or do I want to contact the host personally?

O.O   Uh, I don't know, that was the whole point of the initial email. As for the support she could have offered- she most definitely could relate to the emotions of going through a miscarriage, that I don't doubt. I just don't think she would get that we needed help right out the gate, and pretty much were told we stood no chance outside of $$IVF$$, then to loose our miracle pregnancy just as quickly as it came. By the time we told anyone, we were both well on the road to healing. I'm not sure how much she could have helped at that point, to be honest. I'm not sure what knowledge she could have passed onto me about TTC or "infertility" at that point that I wasn't already aware of after these last 6m. We aren't exactly what I would consider "close", but the brothers are, so I'm more amicable to her than I am to the other SIL.

Now, I need to formulate my reply to her email without blowing my top and all. I can not tell her what I've written here without it screwing things up between us all again. I'll sleep on it and see what I come up with this time. Tomorrow looks to be a whirlwind of a day- (10hr work day, 4 interviewees to coordinate, SIL email, and that's only the things that are currently planned!


Update! I thought about my email quite a bit last night while I was laying in bed, unable to fall asleep. This is what I sent her this morning:

I'm sorry to hear that there are such stressful issues going on with your family. Hopefully, things get worked out soon for ya'll

As for the RSVP, I guess I can just tell [host] that I will most likely attend, but not 100% definite at the moment.

As for the miscarriage, [Hubs] and I felt that it was a personal thing that we should deal with together. We hadn't even told the parents until things ended and we had recovered. We have just recently reached the point that we are comfortable enough with it to discuss it with other people. I do appreciate your offer of support, though. I'm not sure how much info [Hubs] gave [BIL] about things, but reproductively, things ended up being difficult for us from the very start and only got harder the more testing we underwent. I can elaborate further if you'd really like to know the details.


  1. CD14 O?? That's just crazy talk!!! Welcome to the TWW suppository-fest :)

    Hmm..so I guess the part about you maybe not attending the shower didn't click? Good luck with the clarification email today..

  2. The last 2 months I ovulated on CD 14 too, totally crazy after almost a year of never ovulating before CD 19. I, like you, was so lucky not to miss my fertile window that month. We're weren't lucky enough to get a BFP, but who knows, maybe soon? Good luck with this TWW!

  3. That's kind of what happened to me. I thought I ovulated but wasn't really sure if I did or if I was capable of doing anything with it. My fingers are crossed extra tight for you!

    I cannot wait to see how your SIL responds! It better be nice!

  4. I think it must be mandatory for every infertile women to have, at all times, a pregnant SIL. Glad to hear that you didn't miss your window this month.