Friday, April 29, 2011


If you are a dork like me, you know that is the answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything.

It is also my beta hCG level for today, 11dpo. P4 is at 17. If things double by the redraw on Monday, I'll be starting on PIO shots.

Not only am I a dork, I'm neurotic. I tested Wednesday morning, yesterday morning, and took a digital that the PG-SIL gave me last night. Just to make sure I wasn't wasting my time going in this morning, I also tested today. I've never seen a line this dark on any hpt I've ever taken.

Please let this work out...

I'm also scheduled to meet with the friend (E) who came out to me because of my FB infertility postings, tonight for dinner and drinks. I hadn't anticipated this happening when I made those arrangements. I'm not entirely sure how to handle the situation at this point...

I can't drink now, knowing that I'm PUPO. I don't feel comfortable telling her just yet, but I feel like I'd be lieing to her if I don't say something. I've never been in a situation like this.


  1. 42 is a fabulous number for 11 dpo!!! Celebrate! So very happy for you! And regarding telling your friend, you can always give the antibiotic lie if you don't feel comfortable tellin her yet. Or tell her - depends on how close of a friend she is! Wonderful, wonderful news!!!

  2. I wouldn't tell her today. Maybe there are people who feel differently, but I know if I were in her shoes I wouldn't want to know today. It's still so early, and there's no reason why you couldn't tell her in a week or 2. You and she were getting together (I think?) because of those infertility postings, and I know it would be so difficult for me to get that news right then.

    Definitely don't drink either. There's a million reasons why you may have changed your mind about drinking. I think she most likely just wants someone to commisserate with, who understands, to feel like she's not alone. Don't let her be alone tonight by telling her.

    Just my .02 cents. You of course know your relationship a million times more.

  3. OMG, and I can't believe I forgot to write CONGRATS! Great beta for 11dpo!

  4. First off...congrats on a wonderful beta! I know your loss has been recent and hope it doesn't cloud the joy you should be having right now!
    As for your friend; that is a tough one. If she is an IF'er then she will have a keen sence of these things. A tip off would be you planned on having drinks and suddenly are not. Your position in TTC will come up and I disagree with lying. My advice, if you tell her, tell her prior to going. No one going through IF wants to hear one is pregs face to face-it is awkward for both parties an doesn't give the IF'er time to cope. If you aren't going to tell her, cancel your plans. Tell her something came up (you aren't lying bc something did) and you need to reschedule.
    This is what I would hope my friend would do for
    Me at least. I may be 'jaded' though due to my length of
    Time in this hell, but again, my 2 cents.
    Rejoice and celebrate: you ARE pregnant an have already been proven to be so non of this PUPO :)

  5. Ok - this is definitely a good sign. Yay geeky douglas adams references! Now all you need is for your delivery to look like this: and you'll be in geek heaven.
    Yep. This is a great sign. Go Betas Go!!!

  6. Congrats!!! I think your HPT line looks almost as dark as mine did at 13 dpo. I'm crossing my fingers that you get another great result on Monday. Enjoy your weekend!

  7. Yeah! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you, but I don't think you need luck this time around. As for your friend...I might up in a similar situation on the 10th (if this time takes). My plan - lie. I know...that's bad bad bad. But, I have become a firm believer that white lies/or omissions, when done from a place of goodness and to prevent yourself and others emotional harm, will not be punished. My plan is to say that I am on a medication that you aren't supposed to mix with alcohol...and I would rather be safe than sorry. And if your conscience isn't a fan of lying, look at it this way...progesterone can make you drowsy or dizzy and so really, you shouldn't have alcohol while you are taking it. Hope things work out okay with the friend things and...AWESOME beta!

  8. I wanted to say I just found your blog, and am SO encouraged by your journey! I too had an early miscarriage (in December) and was told to 'sit out' this cycle due to ovarian cysts. Hearing about your pregnancy during an 'off' cycle-with a cyst- that resulted in a beautiful baby gives me so much hope. I've also been documenting my journey, and look forward to following yours.