Friday, April 1, 2011

"I'm pregnant."

I know that is a super lame April fool's joke. (It is unfortunately a favorite of many fertile women of child-bearing age). However, this year, I could totally play the bitter infertile and post that or tell people that. When they get all excited and such, I can scream "Not!" and dive into how my body actually played that joke on me a few days early and that right now, I'm in the midst of my full-on, raging period. Hahaha! "April Fool's!"

I did call and schedule a follow-up consult with the RE to see we want to try anything new or make any minor changes in my protocol. Not much more we can do as my craptastic insurance won't cover anything but testing, but maybe we can change dosing or meds or delivery forms?

He also emailed me to say I should do some baseline testing this cycle.  I just got off the phone with the office and I'll be going in today (9am actually) for my "cd3/baseline" u/s and probably bloodwork. On cd2. It's going to be a party! These types of procedures and u/s always make me super self conscious. It's bad enough I have to get intimate with Senor Wando, but it ain't no picnic down there on top of that. It's almost enough to make me want to "vajazzle" or do some "clitter" to make it up to the u/s tech! (Links not necessarily safe for work).

I'll update ya'll on everyhing after I find things out and see how things go. Happy Friday and hope you don't get any horrible April Fool's day gags!


  1. What a cruel joke! My heart stopped just a bit when I saw your subject! Ugh... Enjoy baseline testing today - yes, CD2 is the worst day for ultrasounds...

  2. Good luck with your monitoring appointment today,hope all looks well and you can get started on the next plan., never heard of that one. Tempted to click, but I'm at work :(

  3. Yah, someone did that this morning on Facebook. The pregnancy prank... I have half a mind to send her a really pissy email.

  4. I hope Senor Wando at least buys you dinner and flowers first!