Friday, April 1, 2011

Baseline to sideline

I had my baseline u/s this morning, more around 9:30a than 9a as they were super busy this morning. No bloodwork. Just me and Senor Wando.

The u/s technician was great. She obviously knows her stuff. In fact, she asked if I was actually cd2, which I am, as my uterine lining is a textbook cd2. Which I think is great. She's also the 2nd medical professional to compliment my uterus. The other was my Ob/Gyn at my IUD placement.

My left ovary was normal, with ~10 antral follicles waiting to start the race to ovulation. It's strange to think that one of those could end up being a baby!

My right ovary... Well, that can just be called my right cyst for the cycle. I have a very large cyst that hasn't resolved itself. I shouldn't worry about it, though. It should go away on its own. But! I can't take any stims this cycle. See ya next cycle, Femara. I also have to go in on my next ~cd3 for another baseline u/s to make sure it is gone by then. Not sure what we'll do if it isn't.

IF I some how manage to actually get pregnant this cycle, the tech told me that I shouldn't worry about the cyst negatively impacting it in any way.

It does explain a few things for me. That Big Ol' Cyst is why I've had the localized cramping/pinching on my right side. And I think I just had a Super Egg! that exploded out on cd14 and decimated my ovary this last cycle, thus explaining the early O. That's at least how I'm going to keep thinking things happened anyways. Still not sure why only a 10d LP with the meds and supps... Also, don't cyst generally delay your period?

PS- I apologize for anyone that had actually hoped my earlier post was true and not my lame attempt to make fun of the usual April Fool's joke that many (fertile) women make. To be honest, I was really, really hoping that the u/s tech would inform me with wonder and disbelief that I was indeed, totally pregnant and the bleeding is a weird fluke. I had this thought 3 different times this morning. Alas, I am not.


  1. Oh crap - I'm sorry! This sucks!!! But it's nice to hear you have a nice uterus...


  2. Nice uterus huh? Can I borrow it? haha. Mmmm I've never heard of a cyst affecting your period before. If it doesn't go away will they put you on BC for a bit? Hoping it shrinks and runs away quick :)

  3. My O/G said it was "beautiful, perfect". Seems like it's the only organ in my body that works like it should!

    Now I'm thinking of a joke along the lines of "If you thing my (whatever) looks good, wait until you see my uterus!"

  4. Ugh, I hate cysts. They always choose the worst time to show up. I'm glad it should resolve on it's own at least!