Tuesday, April 5, 2011


I've always known that PETA and the majority of it's practices and viewpoints were way out in left field, but seriously? WTH, PETA? What does awarding a vasectomy to a man that has his pet fixed honor NIAW?

I love pets and animals. All my animals are adopted from rescues or shelters, are spayed/neutered and microchipped. I care about their happiness and well-being. Which is why I never supported PETA in the 1st place. I just can't get behind their backwards way of thinking and doing to somehow raise awareness of ethical treatment for animals. How about the ethical treatment of any living creature, humans included?!

I am at a loss for more words than that at the moment. For more info and far more eloquent and insightful discourse on this matter, head over to Keiko's blog "Hannah Wept, Sarah Laughed".

I am just disgusted even more by that organization. I'll be composing my email here shortly...


  1. The whole thing is so enraging and bitter-making. I imagine that most people suffering from infertility are animal lovers, so they can kiss 9.7 million potential supporters and donors goodbye.

  2. PETA does have a few bolts loose. I love animals too but don't support them ether. Even when I worked at an aquarium most of the people I worked with were anti-PETA too. They do more harm than good.