Monday, February 28, 2011

Goodbye. Hello!

Goodbye, February. What a blur you were! I can't believe it will be March tomorrow. You had so many ups and downs that I'm not really sure what to make of you as a whole. You gave me the most heartbreaking experience of my life, but also some beautiful weather and a super sweet Valentine from the boy. I guess it is time that we go our separate ways now. It's kinda bittersweet, but really for the best.

Hello, March! I hope you continue with the great weather and the sweetheart of a husband. I'm holding a lot, a LOT of expectations of you to be loads better than February. You hold the start of Spring and St. Patrick's day. I'm hoping you hold another BFP for me too. That may be a lot to ask from an intangible concept of time, but I hope you pull through for me.

Goodbye, ICLW. I let you down this month, I know. I wish I could blame it on this being my first, but it's really because I got lazy, felt unmotivated and laggy. You weren't the only one that suffered. I'm really sorry. If I participate next month, I will do my absolute best to keep on top of the commenting and all. I'm not making any promises, because I hate making ones that I end up unable to keep. But I will try!

Hello, all you new people that have come to my humble little blog through ICLW, etc. I am wishing all of you the best of luck in this green and fortuitous month that is March!


  1. Hey there! I'm used to doling out tips for weight loss, but have become well versed in the art of weight gain. It was a lot of Oreo's, cutting way back on exercise from seven days a week to four or five, and zero calorie counting. I think I just relaxed a little bit about everything. Now, don't get me wrong, I don't love what happened - my hips stick out a bit more than I'd like, but it should be worth it in the end!

  2. Happy March! Hope it's wonderful for you!

  3. Excellent post! I say "Fairwell to February," time to go "Marching into March." Wow!!! Even for me that was incredibly corny...but it highlights how eloquently you expressed what I know a lot of us are thinking. May March be the month for all of us!

  4. Oh a BFP in March for both of us would just be perfect. New shoots and all that.

    Good luck.