Wednesday, February 9, 2011

It's all in the timing. Or is it the delivery?

Anyone who is actively TTC knows that everything comes down to timing. When this happens; when that happens. Waiting time. Time and timing everywhere you look! I'm good with all that time. I'm content this cycle to just wait and see, and what will be will be.

No, the timing I'm talking about right now is about postings. Boy says I should do regular scheduled posts. Knowing that on X day there will be a post here is suppose to form some connection and consistency with readers. But I don't know if I will have anything worth-while to write about every M W F, or what have you.

Should I stick to a set schedule and just find topics to write about? Or should I stick to the content that I'm delivering? Are sporadic, but meaningful posts any better than regular, comforting posts? I don't know. I personally prefer to read things that the writer wants to put out there, when they want to put it out. If that happens ever Tuesday or once a week, it's ok with me. However, I do find that I like going to sites and knowing that there will be an update, something new waiting for me. It is kind of a let down to check something several times and seeing the same old thing greeting me again.

What do ya'll think? This is my blog, but it's kind of pointless is ya'll aren't reading it. So weigh in! Dependability or substance?


  1. Your balance of these issue is fine. In fact, I enjoy your post so much, I've nominated you for two blog awards on my blog ( My theory on posting is that you should have something to say (not just fluff), but it should be every day or two. I agree that it is disappointing when you get on a site and there have been no updates for a week or two. But I also feel cheated when it is clear nothing in particular was on the person's mind when they posted. For me, if nothing inspiring was happening on any given day, I just think back to ongoing issues I've been facing. That's inspiration enough to come up with a new post. I don't know if my advice is worth much, but that's all I've got for you. Whatever you do, I'll be following. Congratulations on your awards!

  2. Write whenever you want, however you want. The feed shows when you posted something new and we'll be here to read!

  3. I say you post when you feel like it. I get my updates through Google Reader, so it automatically shows it when someone has posted something new. I feel like posting can become sort of a hassle when you feel like you haaave to post something every so often.

  4. Hey there! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and for your kind words!!

    I say post when you're inspired. Otherwise, it feels like just another "to do" instead of a fun escape.

  5. I chose option "C"... Substance is most important but also don't leave us hanging for too long with out an update of some sorts.

  6. As you know Christina I love reading your posts & feel like they always come from your heart. To me you are Carrie Bradsure TTC style, LOL! I think as long as you check in once a week or so people will follow. Sometimes not much is up. So if Chris says something you can tease him & be like {Today I cut my toe nails, ate a pp&J sandwich & cleaned my closet,} LOL!