Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My mailbox is driving me to drink

WTF, mailbox?! For the last 3 months, I've been receiving baby-related mailings. Babies R Us coupons and adverts. American Baby magazine. Birth announcements. You get the idea. Yesterday, sitting on the dining table (because my hubby is sweet like that to get the mail) is a bible of all things baby. Target's Baby catalog. If I wasn't so exhausted yesterday, I would have gone and poured myself a nice BIG glass of wine. That meant getting up off the couch though so I pretended my glass of water had miraculously turned to wine.

Directly after my disbelief, however, I found myself curled up with the tome of babiness. I couldn't stop looking through it! Page after page of adorable nursery furniture and bedding, chubby little munchkins, pregnant women and new moms. I even picked up a marker and started checking the things I liked. You know, for research purposes. *Sigh*

I am now not-so-secretly hoping that this Target baby bible has convinced my ovaries that now is the perfect time to release that egg. I mean it is CD17 already. Do I really have to wait until CD19 or 20? They really should rename TTC to WTC because we definitely do more waiting than trying!


  1. I hate the baby-related emails!! I use chips & ice cream instead of wine as a way to cope. Not good, but it's what I do. We need to put down the magazine and walk away!!! I hope that ovaries shape up this month!

  2. I'm not going to even get started on my inbox! Ice cream sounds delicious too! Maybe I'll have a bowl of some mint cookies and cream if I get anything procreation related...

  3. I hear you - get so many emails and baby stuff it's ridiculous! WTC - so true!!!

  4. this makes me laugh because somehow, during out TTC years, I have received sample formula, baby magazines, Gracco emails, you name it, I get it!! AND they always seem to come with my period....
    Maybe for you it's a good omen :)

    Where in NC are you?

  5. They are quite the tease as 1/2 of them have offers for free gift cards when you start your registry. Sigh.. If only I could!

    And I went back and changed my previous comment on your post. We are in the same town according to your profile! I'm amazed.