Monday, February 14, 2011

Picture Participation

There's a thing going round. Participate if you feel so inclined. I am. What is it you ask?

Post photos of you and your Significant Other (ideally on your wedding day, but post what you want!) and how ya'll meet.

The Boy and I meet online the 1st semester of my freshman year of undergrad, way back in the fall of 2001. Via Aol Instant Messenger. It was like the Facebook of the early 2000s. He messaged that he thought he knew me, and I'm horrible with names. So we chatted, and chatted. And chatted away. One month later, I had a "friend" drive me down to see him. We met face to face and clicked. I'm not saying it was love at 1st site, but that 1st weekend together definitely sealed the deal. 4 yrs later, we got hitched.
Our 1st dance as Mr & Mrs. Aren't we just adorable?
There were great times, and hard times. Really really rough times, and good times. Through it all, he's been my best friend and the one person I could always count on to be there for me.

Still in love at BIL's wedding several years later.
We've been married for over 5yrs now, together for almost 10yrs. This past year has probably brought us closer together than ever before. With all we've been through and have had to endure, we could find strength in one another. I was completely head-over-heals for him when we first met. I'm so in love with him now that I don't even know how it is possible.

4th anniversary. Disgustingly sweet, isn't?
So Happy Valentine's Day, boy. I love ya and so glad that it is you that I have in good times and bad. There is no one else I'd rather come home to and curl up with at night. To another 10 more years together and more, and hopefully a baby or 2!

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  1. Awww.. You guys look so sweet together. Congrats on another great year together!

  2. Wonderful photos. I especially love that first dance picture. :)